Guardian Pest & Weed Solutions

Guardian Pest & Weed Solutions

Guardian Pest & Weed Solutions

We take care of what Bugs You! Wasps or dandelions & weeds spoiling your yard, we can help!

Guardian Pest & Weed Solutions

We take care of what Bugs You! Wasps or dandelions & weeds spoiling your yard, we can help!

About Us

Integrated Pest Management Program

1: Prevention - Preventing organisms from becoming pest problems by planning & managing ecosystems.

2: Identification - Identifying pests & beneficial species.

3: Monitoring - Monitoring pest & beneficial species populations, pest damage & environmental conditions.

4: Thresholds - Using injury & action thresholds to determine when to treat pests.

5: Treatment - Using treatments that usually include a combination of methods, such as cultural, biological, physical, mechanical, behavioral or chemical treatments.

6: Evaluation - Evaluating the effects & efficacy of pest management strategies.

Lawn & Landscape Pest Management

We provide various landscape pest management strategies for multi-unit complexes, strata, public, commercial, residential properties and lots.  Many of our clients are homeowners that need help with developing & maintaining a healthy lawn without weeds, ants, wasp nests or other pests.

We treat each lawn following then IPM Program. This enables us to evaluate the actual lawn conditions & balance that with the clients expectations. Our commercial grade slow release granular fertilizers are the same products used on many golf courses and public gardens. This is the foundation of a healthy lawn. Our herbicide treatments are managed to reduce the risk to the local environment while providing the knock down needed to get your lawn to the healthy state your family desires.

We offer a variety of treatments to restore your lawns PH to the proper levels. Your lawn will have the best look & feel even throughout the hot, water restricted, summer season.

Whether you are selling your home, buying a new home or maintaining what you already have, a vibrant healthy lawn increases your p[property value and sense of satisfaction with your home.

Structural Pest Management

Our clients include commercial business, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, motels, hospitals, municipal property, private homes & apartment buildings.

Whatever pest may be your concern, we have a plan! Our most common pests in the South Cariboo include a variety of rodents, bed bugs, termites, ticks, wasps, ants, carpenter ants, spiders, fleas, biting insects, small flies, cluster flies, box elder and many other beetles.

Overwhelmed by anthills in the wood pile out back? We can help!

Need vegetation knocked down for better fire protection on the vacant lot beside your house. We can fix this!

Rats & Mice ruling the shed and garage We got this!.

Spiders in the crawlspace and you need your seasonal stuff? Give us a call!


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Guardian Pest & Weed Solutions

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